What is Clean4U hygienic toilet seat made of?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat is made of ABS plastic.

What is Clean4U hygienic roll made of?

Clean4U hygiene roll is made of high-density polyethylene.

Does Clean4U hygienic toilet seat come with a warranty?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat is covered by a lifetime warranty, except for damage caused by obvious misuse and/or vandalism by the user.

* The guarantee is valid only if original Clean4U blades are used.

How often must Clean4U hygiene roll be replaced?

The usage of Clean4U hygiene rolls depends entirely on the amount of traffic in the facility where it is installed.

How many uses is in one Clean4U roll?

Clean4U hygienic roll contains 100 uses.

What power source does the Clean4U hygienic toilet seat use?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat is powered by a 220V>12V adapter or directly from a 12V rechargeable battery.

How to attach the Clean4U hygiene roll to the holder?

Pull the Clean4U hygiene roll under and around the holder and turn it facing you.

What is the purpose of the blades?

Blade divides the Clean4U Hygienic Toilet Board and allows passage between the locking plate and around the housing, preventing reuse.

Does Clean4U Blade present a hazard to the user?

No. Clean4U blade is inside the housing and cannot be accessed by the user when the housing is installed.

How often should you change the blade?

Approximately every year, depending on the number of people.

Where does accumulated moisture or water in the housing go?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat has a hole at the bottom through which any excess liquid flows directly into the toilet bowl.

Is Clean4U hygienic seat compatible with all toilet bowls?

Yes. Clean4U hygiene toilet seat fits all standard toilet bowls and is installed the same way as a normal toilet seat.

What should I do in case of a technical problem?

Most technical problems can be solved easily by following the instructions provided with the Clean4U hygienic toilet seat. If the problem is more serious and your maintenance staff cannot repair it, call an authorized service.

How long does it take to change a Clean4U roll?

20 to 30 seconds.

What happens if Clean4U toilet seat breaks or if I run out of Clean4U hygiene rolls?

You can use Clean4U hygienic toilet seats as normal toilet seats until the unit is repaired or new rolls are installed.

What happens if a user wants to activate the Clean4U hygiene seat repeatedly due to misuse?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat is programmed to wait 40 seconds until the next activation. This limits the possibility of abuse.

What can I use to clean the Clean4U hygienic toilet seat?

Use a sponge or towel soaked in disinfectant or any other cleaning liquid. The Clean4U toilet seat is resistant to all cleaning liquids for sanitary facilities.

Will bacteria on the surface of a used Clean4U roll infect the user?

No, because of the following reasons: used sanitary rolls are rolled up with the bacteria. Used Clean4U hygiene rolls are sealed in a separate insulated chamber to prevent bacteria from being transferred to the seat or to a new hygiene roll.

Has the Clean4U hygienic toilet seat been thoroughly tested before entering the market?

Yes! Clean4U hygienic toilet seat comes with all the necessary certifications for safe use, including ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Where is Clean4U produced?

Clean4U hygienic toilet seat and Clean4U hygienic roll are entirely European patented and manufactured.

Is Clean4U hygiene roll sterile?

Clean4U hygiene roll is manufactured and packaged in a sterile environment. Clean4U hygienic toilet seats and hygiene rolls are assembled in our clean and modern facility. When used together, they provide a clean and sanitized surface for every user.



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