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Sensor driven

toilet seat

Why choose Clean4U hygienic toilet seat


Toilet seats have never been this healthy & hygienic

Owing to its revolutionary form, in order to satisfy the users’ hygienic needs, Clean4U Sensor Hygienic Toilet Seat Cover is produced from anti-bacterial materials and it prevents bacterial organism on toilet seats.

The product is made of material that does not retain dirt and bacteria. Protective areas do not allow mixing of dirty and clean consumables.


Understanding needs in all aspects

First of all, people expect hygiene from a public toilet. Thanks to the sensor system, users can activate the disposable hygiene roll without touching it.

The hygienic toilet seat has been developed for use in various public spaces such as restaurants, places of entertainment, schools, companies, hospitals, hotels, government offices, banks, sports and beauty salons, shopping centers, etc. Therefore, the product can be adapted to different needs and environments.


Experience in technical details

The roll moves around the toilet seat, and the counter enables controlled use. The product becomes inactive 40 seconds after the previous use, so unnecessary use is prevented. The blade on the left side of the hygienic toilet cover cuts the used roll and prevents reuse. The silent mechanism of 32 dB does not create an unpleasant experience.

Cost calculation

Classic toilet seat paper


Toilet seat paper holder

53,08€ / 400kn

Clean4U Hygienic Toilet Seat

155,95€ / 1175kn

Package of classic Toilet seat paper (12 packs x 130 toilet cover = 1560 uses)

96,88€ / 730kn

Hygienic roll (100 uses)

3,72€ / 28kn

The price of the Toilet seat paper per use (1 piece)

0,062€ / 0,47kn

Clean4U one use

0,037€ / 0,28 kn


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